The Innovation Teams Enterprise (iTeams)

Real Problem-solving with Technology —  Scaling Up Deep Tech To Impact.

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In iTeams we shape technology to solve real world problems and invent uncharted paths forward.

Since iTeams in its current version began a decade ago, we’ve shepherded to impact more than 200 MIT advances from all fields. Some 40 new companies powered by deep tech have emerged.

Nearly all of them have thrived.

iTeams has been credited with cracking the “lab to impact” problem. But there is more to iTeams...

We promote a different way to understand and appreciate science and technology as tools for unraveling problems and inventing uncharted paths forward.

Startups may be a means to that end, but more startups is not the objective. Rather the objective is meaningful progress.

Our alumni become skilled at diversifying and de-risking deep tech projects, exploring several possible “impact destinations”, and planning for scale. This all to explore a larger objective: taking a technology from lab to society to solve a meaningful problem. That is a significant scale-up endeavor. Were you to engage in one such endeavor you’d do well to plan to fail ONLY in ways that could not have been easily predicted. It’s up to you to prepare to make failure come as a surprise.

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The MIT Course

After iTeams

Next time you engage in a new bold project, innovation, or entrepreneurship it will feel like déjà-vu

Our thousand plus alumni have gone on to apply the skills they honed in iTeams in a wide variety of endeavors. Some have joined new companies emerging from their iTeams projects or discovered technologies on their own and later founded new companies.

Others have joined forward-thinking venture development groups in industry and venture capital, or joined technology investment firms, technology strategy firms, and nonprofit organizations committed to finding technologically savvy solutions to some of the world’s most vexing problems.

Still others have gone on to apply the principles underlying iTeams to build a new breed of technology commercialization labs in industry, the military, and academia.